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JEPS - Registered Reports

Journal of Europeans Psychology Students JEPS Vám hrdo prezentuje novinku - Registered Reports! 

Máte výborný nápad výskum a je možné, že by ste ho chceli raz aj publikovať? Poraďte sa o jeho metologickej kvalite ešte pred zberom dát a získajte tak užitočný feedback. 


The JEPS team is very excited to announce the launch of Registered Reports! Registered Reports are a new type of research article in which the editorial decision is based on peer review that takes place before data collection. The review process is thereby divided into two stages: in the first stage, your research question and methodology is evaluated, while the data are yet to be collected. The peer review of the proposed study thus only focuses on the merit of the proposed study and the adequacy of its methodology. In case of an “in-principle acceptance”, you are guaranteed to get your final manuscript published once the data are collected - irrespective of your findings!

With this change, we hope to introduce the next generation of psychologists to progressive publishing models and good scientific practice and to help improve student research.

Our Letter from the Editors


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