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3rd EFPSA Conference - Bosnia and Herzegovina

Milí SAŠAPáci,

dávame Vám do pozornosti blížiacu sa 3. EFPSA Konferenciu, ktorá sa uskutoční 16.-19. novembra 2017 v Bosne a Hercegovine. Čítajte ďalej a neváhajte sa prihlásiť.


Mark your calendar as busy on November 16th-19th as these are the official dates for the 3rd EFPSA Conference and the applications are already open for submission!


The theme of this year’s Conference is “Overcoming Divisions: Broadening Psychology”, which reflects the efforts of EPFSA in overcoming divisions and uniting psychology students across Europe. We are interested in new and innovative approaches within different domains, with a focus on social and political psychology.


Our goal is to bring together local and international scientists and experts in the field of psychology with the aim to share experience, skills, and knowledge regarding the scientific topic of this Conference. Creating a place where professionals, academics, and students from all over Europe can exchange ideas. Together, we are helping to improve the state of research, education and applied work in the field of psychology on an international level.


For more details about the Conference and application procedure visit, also please note that the deadline for applying is 24th September and if you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us at


The application form can be found here:

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