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Recent news articles relating to psychology, mental health, behavior, stress management and more.
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Relationship anxiety is normal

11 október, 2017 - 20:56
Many fears causing anxiety are based on past experiences, not current relationships.

Ten times more children and teens are obese today than 40 years ago

10 október, 2017 - 20:56
Being obese as a child comes with a high likelihood of being obese as an adult and the many health consequences that come with it.

Men's and women's brains react differently when helping others

9 október, 2017 - 20:55
Study shows that women tend to be more altruistic than men.

American professor wins Nobel Prize in economics for trying to understand bad human behavior

9 október, 2017 - 20:54
An American professor has won the 2017 Nobel Prize in economics for his work on behavioral economics, which tries to understand how humans make decisions, especially bad ones.

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